Exalt Education

Teacher Interface

For Exalt, our schools are just the start. Our broader mission to build a teaching-and-learning network that equips mission-driven educators with the knowledge and tools to serve low-income students nationally is what we are truly about.

We know that for our country to do a better job of preparing low-income children for today’s workforce realities – we need to do more then build schools. The model simply isn’t saleable enough to achieve the kind of success we truly need. What we need to do is pioneer a breakthrough way of educating low-income children, and develop a scalable model to share this way with other mission-driven educators.

To achieve our mission we are in the process of building a robust teacher interface that will feature our “Greatest Hits” – the methods we’ve seen proven successful in serving students in high-need communities across the country. These methods will be delivered as a set of tools developed and tested specifically by teachers serving low-income students.

It is our goal to create a network that will change the life trajectory of low-income children and play a unique role in driving the transformation of public education.

Watch this space for news of the launch of the Exalt Teacher Interface.

It's easier to build strong children than repair broken men.

Frederick Douglass