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Exalt is building a teaching-and-learning network that equips mission-driven educators with the knowledge and tools to serve low-income students nationally. Our expansion will transform children’s lives and public education – more students will have a brighter future and communities will thrive.

We are currently in the process of expanding our network of schools. Our growth will open up many opportunities to join our team. We’re looking for the best and brightest and in return offer the chance to be part of a movement that is revolutionizing education and transforming lives.

What we’re seeking:

We're looking for the best and brightest teachers with varying degrees of experience, including those straight out of Credential and Master’s programs as well as those with proven classroom experience.

When you come to work for Exalt Education, you can expect:

In our primary schools, every teacher co-teaches with another teacher or instructional aide so that students can benefit from personalized instruction throughout an extended learning day and an extended school year. Our team-teaching approach enables our teachers to work a staggered schedule, share classroom management responsibilities, and jointly prepare and deliver lessons. The use of different teacher arrival and departure times enables teachers to work a more manageable day that is less taxing and maximizes job fulfillment.

In our middle schools, a highly qualified and experienced teacher serves as the Department Chair in each major academic domain. The Chair provides support, mentorship and oversight to members of the academic faculty within each department. The departmental approach provides each faculty member with the ongoing support, framework of expectations, and lesson preparation input that s/he needs to be successful. At full enrollment, the faculty at each middle school is supported and guided by a three-person site leadership team that includes a Principal, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, and Dean of Students.

Teacher Ownership: Each school is managed by an academic team that includes the director of academic programs and several senior teachers, who hold departmental leadership responsibilities. A team-oriented approach to school management enables all students to benefit from the best expertise that the teaching faculty has to offer and ensures exemplary performance.

To apply for a position at an Exalt Academy, please submit the following via email by clicking here:

  • Complete cover letter & resume

Should be one-two pages in length and must be comprehensive while demonstrating passion, qualifications and applicable experience for position. Please also stipulate expected salary.

Any additional information on your educational experience, such as school annual reports, a Master’s thesis, or other relevant documents

Exalt Education is an equal opportunity employer.

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