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In a short period of time, Exalt has transformed from an award-winning business plan architected by three passionate educators determined to change the world, into a growing teaching-and-learning network of campuses located in the most under-resourced areas of the Mid-South and Pacific Northwest. Our efforts are demonstrating that it is possible to deliver a “gold standard” education to low-income children at scale by operating a highly productive, economical network of community-based public schools that attract dedicated educators from local communities. While we are still young, we are seeing that our schools are beginning to have the transformative impact that we believe is possible.

From 2012 to 2013, 25% of returning students at Exalt's Little Rock Preparatory Academy gained a proficiency level on Arkansas state tests, and 27% of returning students at Exalt's KNOVA Learning gained a proficiency level on Oregon state tests.



* A proficiency level descriptor (PLD) is a description of what students know and are able to do by content area, grade, and level. A quarter of returning students at Exalt Academies have moved from Below Basic to Basic, from Basic to Proficient, and in some cases from Proficient to Advanced on state administered tests.

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