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Classroom Hallmarks

When you enter an Exalt classroom, you’ll notice it’s unique in many ways. Our classrooms are:

  • Welcoming – We welcome parents and visitors into our schools and classrooms each and every day.

  • Collaborative – Through team teaching, frequent observations and supportive drop-ins, we encourage constant teamwork among members of our faculty and administration.

  • Loving – We build loving relationships with our students and use a structured system to explicitly teach and reinforce positive behavior patterns in them.

  • Warm – Our schools provide students with uniforms that are attractive, comfortable and durable for all seasons.

  • Well Equipped – We take great pride in creating an attractive learning environment where there is ready access to ample learning resources.

  • Dynamic – We have charismatic teachers that facilitate instruction that is dynamic and engaging.

  • Personalized – We organize the classroom and the school day so that students are learning in ways that meet their individual needs.

  • Balanced – We believe in educating the whole child, which extends beyond the core subjects into hands-on experimentation, exhibitions, structured play, artistic expression, civics, physical health, and formation of values.

  • Achievement Oriented – We use instructional time carefully to maximize student learning.

  • Advanced – Our teachers are gifted educators who enhance the delivery of their lessons with deep domain knowledge, frequent use of technology, and expert preparation.

These are the hallmarks of all Exalt classrooms.

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