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A Culture of Leadership and Community

We strive to staff our schools with professionals from surrounding communities with whom our students can relate, respect, and aspire to be like. Our team members seek to be the role models that our students need, and we view “role modeling” as an action, not a state of being. We endeavor to embody the values that we want our students to learn.

All students in our schools benefit from structured leadership development. Leadership development starts in the primary grades (K-4) where students begin to learn the habits and attributes of leaders by participating in daily school-wide assemblies that mark global cultural traditions, reinforce virtuous behaviors, celebrate important events, and reward students’ academic successes. As students progress through the primary grades, they have frequent opportunities to work in pairs or small cooperative groups for the purpose of peer tutoring. They also engage in civic outreach activities, community service events, and adult mentorship programs.

In middle school, the leadership development program expands to include an increased focus on character development, civic engagement, global awareness and service learning. The goal of our innovative program is to inspire and educate our scholars to become leaders, change-makers and innovators advancing the common good. Our program teaches positive behavior and character values in an explicit, systemic way, the same way that traditional schools would teach math or reading.

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