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Purpose & Values

Exalt Education is building a teaching-and-learning model that equips mission-driven educators with the knowledge and tools needed to serve low-income students. Every member of the Exalt Team is dedicated to enabling our students to realize their greatest potential and providing access opportunities to competitive colleges and advanced careers so that they can become tomorrow’s leaders.

We realize that to be effective in achieving our objectives, all members of the Exalt Team must adhere to a core set of values that align with our purpose. These core values are briefly described below:


1. Student learning comes first.

  • Every minute of every day.

  • Trust the academic design, but strive to optimize it at all times.

  • Measurable results are what matters.

2. Remember the urgency of the larger cause.

  • Use our mission as your touchstone.

  • Seek broader impact.

  • Learn from the larger movement to serve low-income children.

3. Everyone leads.

  • Leadership starts with making positive changes from within.

  • It isn’t about who is right, it’s about what is right based upon quantifiable evidence.

  • Manage by modeling and doing, not by telling.

  • We lead by lifting up, not by pushing down.

4. Be the role model that our students need.

  • Professional.

  • Respectful and loving.

  • Role modeling is an action, not a state of being.

5. Team is greater than individual, but only effective individuals make up great teams.

  • Assume the best intentions.

  • Trust others until proven otherwise.

  • Learn through introspection not accusation.

  • Communication is the lifeblood of our organization.

  • Job satisfaction and personal sustainability matter.

6. Take responsibility.

  • Readily acknowledge mistakes.

  • Seek help.

  • No excuses.

  • Responsibilities don’t end when the school closes.

  • Share accountability; don’t push it around.

7. Nothing less than excellence.

  • Embrace growth and recognition will follow.

  • Excellence is a pursuit not an end state.

  • Improvement only happens with change.

Members of the Exalt Team readily acknowledge and reward growth and accomplishments in our students and each other. Our willingness to change and our capacity to adapt are essential qualities that support continuous improvement. Creating an exemplary public school in a low-income community requires the patience and tolerance to progress through cycles of continuous improvement over several years. There is no simple formula for success in this work. Excellence takes time to achieve and is a pursuit, not an end state.

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