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The Future

Exalt is building a teaching-and-learning network that equips mission-driven educators with the knowledge and tools to serve low-income students nationally. Our expansion will transform children’s lives and public education – more students will have a brighter future and communities will thrive.

We are currently in the process expanding our network of schools. Each of our schools will serve as centers of excellence where educators passionate about serving low-income students can come to see our programs and practices in action. Exalt will also launch and maintain a robust teacher interface that will feature a collection of traditional and mobile technologies selected, developed, integrated and implemented specifically for teachers serving low-income students.

Simply put, we won't rest until we become the “Gold Standard” for quality education of low-income children. If you are interested in engaging Exalt in a community near you, please contact us. We continually seek opportunities to impact the quality of public education in low-income communities nationwide.

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